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Cold weather is rapidly approaching again, and it’s time to start turning the heat up, and that means preparing for higher utility bills. One of the biggest contributors to exponentially increasing utilities is inefficient and poorly insulating windows. In this month’s post, we will discuss how to test the efficiency of the windows throughout your home.

Leaky windows are a definite way to keep your home heating system running constantly. Testing your windows for leaks can be a fairly simple process, especially for older windows. The first step to take in this process is to pay close attention to the sealant around each window. If there is any cracked sealant or sealant that appears dry and at risk of cracking, that is a sign that the window may be allowing cold air in and hot air out. An effective DIY strategy for visualizing leaks is to light a match and blow it out while moving it slowly near the window seal. You will be able to see the trail of smoke pass through any leaks.

Damaged windows will cause more obvious rises in utility costs, as they typically result in a direct path for cold air into a home. Be sure to inspect every window for cracks in the glass panes as well as in any of the surrounding frame. This kind of damage is indicative of serious leaking. One of the most effective ways to test if your windows are efficient is through infrared imaging. Typically this is done through an energy audit, however, the cost of thermal imaging cameras has gone down significantly in recent years. While it is still an investment, it is one that can save you thousands in utility costs over the years. The camera will produce an image with hues of blue, indicating cool areas, to red, indicating hot spots. As the cold weather sets in, an image taken from the inside will show hotspots around the edges of the window indicating a loss of heat through bad seals.

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