Now that Summer is almost here and the hot weather is already upon us, it’s time to start taking measures to save on energy costs! In this month’s post, we will be discussing tips and strategies for saving money on summer energy bills while keeping your home a comfortable temperature all season long.

  1. One of the most costly aspects of battling the summer heat is poorly insulated or sealed windows. If your home has windows that were installed years ago be sure to carefully inspect the 4 edges of each window to ensure that the sealant is in functioning condition. If your window’s seal is frayed, dried and cracking, or completely deteriorated it may be time to replace the sealant or the windows entirely.
  2. Make sure that your windows and doors all have properly installed and appropriate weather stripping. When most people think of weather stripping Winter is what comes to mind. However, proper weather stripping is designed to help keep your windows and doors sealed fully from the outside elements year-round!
  3. Take advantage of natural cooling! If you’re residing in a climate that is typically cooler during certain times of the day, such as the early morning or in the evening, turn the AC off, open windows on opposite ends of your home, and open interior doors to create an efficient airflow through your home.
  4. Replace broken or dilapidated windows and doors! This tip may seem obvious, however, many people often ignore or put it off until they eventually forget about it entirely. If you are noticing exponentially high energy costs and your home has windows that are either over two decades old or no longer have an efficient seal call Guaranteed Building Maintenance today and get a quote for replacing old energy-wasting windows and doors.

Regardless of what steps you need to take to ensure that your home is ready to keep you cool in the hot summer weather, the Guaranteed Building Maintenance team is here to help keep your home energy efficient and comfortable throughout the summer months with professionally installed windows and doors!

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